Van Gogh Packagedeal Etten-Leur

Van Gogh Packagedeal Etten-Leur

North Brabant is Vincent van Gogh’s homeland. Here is where Van Gogh produced his first masterpiece ‘The Potato Eaters’. To this day, Vincent’s footsteps can be traced in places like Etten-Leur.

Van Gogh Church: a colorful heritage location

Located in the center of Etten-Leur, the Van Gogh Church offers a fascinating glimpse into a crucial period in Vincent van Gogh’s life! This is the church where Vincent’s father was minister for seven years and where Van Gogh could regularly be found. Vincent first registered as an artist in Etten in 1881. For nine months he lived and worked day and night in the parsonage behind the Dutch Reformed Church. He also had his very first drawing studio here.

‘Precious memories’

In the Van Gogh Church you can see how Vincent wrestled with drawing but became better at it through sheer hard work. How he was infatuated by his cousin Kee Vos and the drama which then unfolded. How he had arguments with his father. How he left Etten at Christmas 1881 and how he rembered Etten during his time in the South of France.

‘Discover, be surprised!’

All these unusual stories are told in and around the church. The Tourist Office has a large variety of souvenirs. It is also the ideal starting point for a Van Gogh walk through this very nice town or a cycle trip through the surrounding area. Discover the landscapes that Vincent loved so much!

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Van Gogh Packagedeal Etten-Leur

Markt 4
4875 CE Etten-Leur (Town Centre)

Opening hours
Every Wednesday till Sunday, 13.30 to 17.00 h

Van Gogh Church is open on Friday and Saturday from 13:30-17:00h in January en February. From March the Church is open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 13.30-17:00h

Regular price
Adults: € 11,00
Children: 0-12 y: free
Children: 13-17 y and students: € 3,50

Important info
Including Entrance Van Gogh Church, film, walking tour & coffee or tea & Crêpe Vincent at Bistro & Bed Vincents
Opening hours may vary during holidays and events.





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