Places to visit in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a lot to offer, much more than the well-known tourist draws. Let us tell you about all the hidden gems you can find off the beaten path. The most famous city in the Netherlands is of course Amsterdam. With its gorgeous museums, illusive districts and cozy cafés it is tourist destination number one. But there are many other places to visit in the Netherlands. Here are a few.


Delft is the smaller, quieter and cozier version of Amsterdam. With its canals and canal houses, it has a charm that is a must see. In Delft, you can visit the Museum Prinsenhof. William of Orange used this historical place as his court and he was also murdered here. You can still see the bullet holes in the wall. Delft is also famous for its blue-and-white ceramics called Delft Blue. Visit one of the last remaining Delftware factories when you find yourself in the city to learn how it’s made.


Utrecht is filled with canal cafés, restaurants, and boutiques. It is just a half hour away from Amsterdam and perfect for a day-trip when you are looking for places to visit in the Netherlands. Climb the 465 steps to the top of the Dom Tower and enjoy the marvelous view. After which you can go on a lovely canal cruise and have a cup of coffee at one of the fantastic canal cafés.


Rotterdam offers something completely different than all the before mentioned places to visit in the Netherlands. Here you won’t find canals and old charm, but modern and design-focused architecture. Climb the highest watchtower of the Netherlands: the Euromast. Take a look inside the Kunsthal for a fascinating journey along modern masters and contemporary art. Or maybe visit the Rotterdam Zoo, Diergaarde Blijdorp.

The Hague

Better known to the Dutch as Den Haag, this city is where the Dutch parliament resides. Visit Madurodam to see a miniature version of the Netherlands. Go to the Escher Museum to learn about the famous graphic artist. And if you want something different, you can always visit the beach in Scheveningen which is just a 20-minute tram ride away.

The countryside

The Dutch countryside has a lot of amazing places to visit in the Netherlands. From historic fishing villages like Volendam and Marken with scenic views to rows of windmills that will give you the real old Dutch feeling. But the Netherlands also has castles like De Haar Castle, which is the biggest and most luxurious castle in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam hidden gems

While Amsterdam might be a big tourist destination, there are still a lot of Amsterdam hidden gems. Visit for example Museum Our Lord in the Attic. This 17th-century house has a hidden church in the attic. Another great Amsterdam hidden gem is the Foam museum. This museum of photography has an eye for upcoming artists and amazing collections. You can also discover more Amsterdam hidden gems by renting a bike and exploring the city on your own. Who knows what you’ll find.

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