Church of St. John Gouda

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Church of St. John Gouda

Welcome to St John’s
When the sun shines through the church’s 72 world-famous stained-glass windows, you’ll realize what makes St John’s church in Gouda so special. Nowhere else in the world is there a church where so much original sixteenth-century stained glass has been preserved. They depict Biblical and historical events in comic strip form. The ‘Gouda Windows’ are one of the highlights of European stained-glass painting.
Be amazed at the magnificent colors and the lively interplay of light that lend this church – the longest in the Netherlands – its serenity.

Queens and bears
As it was quite expensive to make stained glass windows, wealthy clergyman and nobles were invited to sponsor a window. In return, images of them were prominently depicted in the window. You can see the images of bishops, Golden Fleece Knights and even kings such as Filip II of Spain and Mary Tudor of England. In the Gouda Windows, a type of pictography was employed that at the time everyone would have understood. Hence, the dog, symbol of faithfulness, is depicted in as many as twenty windows. At the foot of the corrupt King Herod lies a bear - symbol of iniquity and sin.
An audio tour, available in several languages, is included and will take you around the highlights in about an hour.

Holland in a nutshell
St. John’s is located in the heart of historic Gouda, known for its cheese market and syrup waffle bakers, as well as the medieval jewel of the Netherlands. A direct train from Amsterdam Central Station brings you there within the hour, while you relax and watch the busy shipping canals and the iconic Dutch polder landscape pass by.
A visit to St John’s and Gouda is perfect for a day trip or to get away from the busy streets of Amsterdam for just a couple of hours.

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Church of St. John Gouda

Achter de Kerk 2, Gouda
Visitor entrance under the tower

Opening hours
Summer Season (March – October)
9.00 – 17.00 h.
Winter Season (November – February)
10.00 – 16.00 h.

Christmas/Boxing Day Closed
New Year’s Day Closed
On Sundays, St John’s is only open to those attending a church service.

How to get there?
Direct train service from Amsterdam Central Station every 30 minutes

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Audio tour
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