The main difference is that the Digital Holland Pass can easily be downloaded on your mobile device, while the Holland Pass-CARD needs to be collected at one of our pick-up locations.

It is only possible to purchase it on our website. After choosing the which one you want to purchase (small, medium or large), you will select the digital version of the pass. 

You will first receive the order confirmation on your email, and then another email with a link and instructions to download the Digital Holland Pass on your mobile device.

Important to note that for each Digital Holland Pass that you have purchased, you will receive a different email and link.


Please click on the link on your email to download your Digital Holland Pass, and it will be saved on the mobile wallet on your mobile device.

FOR ANDROID: If you do not yet have a mobile wallet downloaded, please click here to download it.

FOR APPLE: The e-Pass is downloaded in your wallet by clicking first to "add to Apple Wallet" and then “+ADD”.

IMPORTANT NOTE! The email you will receive is not your Digital Holland Pass. it needs to be in the mobile wallet to start using it!

You need to click on the ''Download my Holland Pass'' button on the second email you received.

If you have an iPhone, the e-Pass is downloaded in your wallet by clicking first to "add to Apple Wallet" and then on the top right click “+ADD”.
If you use Android and still do not have a wallet, you can easily download it by clicking here.
If you are having issues by reading the Holland Pass on your digital wallet, you must download the Digital Wallet again. It might have a malfunction on the wallet app.

Please check your spam folder. If your Digital Holland Pass is not there either, kindly contact us at info@hollandpass.com. We will be happy to help!

As soon as your Digital Holland Pass is in your mobile wallet, it is activated and ready to use.

The Digital Holland Pass is valid for a month, and it starts counting after the first time you use your Digital Holland Pass for a free entrance or a discount, regardless of when it was activated.

Show your Digital Holland Pass at the museum/attraction on your mobile wallet, and it will be scanned for a free entrance or a discount (depending on your choice). When having more than one Digital Holland Pass on your phone, you will need to swipe, so the different passes are scanned.

You will receive a different email per Digital Holland Pass purchased. It is up to you to download all of them on your mobile device or to send the email to the other guests so they can have their Digital Holland Pass on their mobile device.

You can see how many credits you have left in your mobile wallet. This information will be continuously updated.

After purchasing the Holland Pass, you will automatically receive an order confirmation which you need at the pickup location in order to collect the pass. If you chose a digital Holland Pass, you will receive a second email with a download link. 

If you did not receive your email confirmation, please check your SPAM folder. Otherwise, you can send us an email to info@hollandpass.com

The Holland Pass looks like a credit card and provides entry to over 100 museums and attractions, as well as unlimited savings up to 50% at museums, attractions, excursions, restaurants and shops.

The Holland Pass comes with a number of golden and silver digital credits (depending on which size you choose: Small, Medium, Large). These credits can be exchanged for an entry ticket to the museum/attraction of your choice where the pass will be scanned.

If you run out of credits (or if you simply wish to use them later), you can use Holland Pass as a discount card by showing it directly at the venue. All discounts vary depending on the product, you can find a list of all discounts by clicking here.

When collecting your Holland Pass, you will receive a 150+ page guidebook (or get it as a download if you chose the digital Holland Pass), full of useful information about the museums, attractions and helpful city maps with great local tips.

Upon presentation of the Holland Pass, discounts and special offers can be applied at museums, attractions, restaurants, sightseeing tours, canal cruises, bike rental and shops (please note, the discount card is personal).

Click here to see all the fantastic locations where you can use your Holland Pass as a discount card.

The Holland Pass will be activated when downloaded. It will be valid for a month after the first credit redeemed or used for a discount. 

No, it is not possible to use a silver credit for a golden credit and vice versa.

For a quick view of your remaining credits go to: Check Your Credits and fill out your card number (located on the back of the card:19 digits).

No, the Holland Pass is personal.

Fast track or "skip the line", is only available at Madame Tussauds, at the Rijksmuseum and at the Moco Museum.

However, you can book in advance for the Van Gogh Museum and Heineken Experience and at any of the Tours & Tickets shops in Amsterdam in order to get a "fast track" ticket. 

For all other activates “fast track” does not apply and it is necessary to exchange your credits directly at each product’s ticket office.

Holland Pass is a complete multi city pass that can be used in Amsterdam and/or in combination with other major cities such as Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam, Volendam, Marken, Leiden, Haarlem, Delft and Giethoorn.

Since most museums are free of charge for children up to 18 years old, and the majority of the attractions and other activities have a discounted price for children, we decided not to offer a children's edition. You are able to save just as much money buying tickets at the location itself.

You can buy the Holland Pass online. It is a multi-city digital pass for top attractions and museums in Amsterdam and the other cities in the Netherlands, Holland. The digital pass is immediately available to you after purchase. 

If you prefer to purchase the pass upon arrival, you can find Holland Pass at any of the Tours & Tickets shops in Amsterdam. Click here to see an overview of all the shops and their exact location.

No, it is not possible to deliver Holland Pass.

After completing your online purchase you will receive a confirmation voucher which you can redeem at the selected pick-up point. It is possible to collect your Holland Pass from 4 Tours and Tickets shops located in Amsterdam Center (Damrak 26, Damrak 97, Leidsestraat 80 or Central Station) and from Planes@Plaza, located between Arrivals Hall 2 and Arrivals Hall 3 inside Schiphol Airport). Please click here for an overview of all the pick-up locations.

Please note it is not necessary to print out your voucher, you can show it on your mobile device.

Yes, it is possible to collect the pass at any of our official pick-up locations and on a different date.

Yes, as long as you have the order confirmation this is no problem.

Yes, this is no problem, the passes are not bound by name.

Together with the Holland Pass, you are able to purchase the following discounted train tickets:

- Schiphol Airport - Amsterdam (€4.30): single ride from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station

- Amsterdam - Schiphol Airport (€4.30): single ride from Amsterdam Central Station to Schiphol Airport

- Day Train Ticket: special offer for €19 (instead of €54.80). You may use the day train ticket to travel throughout The Netherlands for an entire day, anywhere is possible (round trip included).

No, the train tickets offered on this website are only available when you buy a Holland Pass online and before you complete your purchase.

If you wish to purchase any of the train tickets on our website, it is necessary to purchase your Holland Pass and the train ticket under the same transaction. It is not possible to purchase the train tickets after you have completed your transaction.

You can add 1 train ticket (from each offer) per person/per Holland Pass.

You will receive links to redeem your train tickets on your email along with your Holland Pass order confirmation. Please note, you must redeem the Day Train ticket yourself at least one day before traveling since you need to fill out personal information and you must also print out the ticket. Click here to read more detailed information on how to redeem your train ticket(s).

In case you encounter problems when redeeming, downloading or printing your train ticket please contact the NS Customer Service staff. They can be reached 24/7 at 030 -7515155.

The Day Train Tickets is only valid for 1 day from 09.00 till 00.00 hrs.

If you wish, you can exchange 1 golden credit for a Hop On-Hop Off bus and boat 24 hours ticket. It is also possible to exchange 1 silver credit for a Hop On-Hop Off boat 24 hours ticket. Both options are also available with a 20% discount.

Please note, the 24 hours start running from the first time you hop-on, and the ticket will be valid until the same time 24 hours later. As an example, if you start using the ticket on DAY 1 at 14.00 hrs, the ticket will be valid until DAY 2 at 14.00 hrs (note that the buses and boats are not running for 24 hours a day).

It is necessary to book in advance for the Van Gogh Museum, and Heineken Experience at any of the Tours & Tickets shops in Amsterdam and your reservation will automatically give you fast track entrance. For all other museums and attractions, it is not necessary to book in advance and you must go to the regular line and scan your Holland Pass card at the ticket office in order to receive a ticket (tickets based on availability).

It is possible to reserve the excursions in advance directly on our website under same transaction as your Holland Pass. Otherwise, it is also possible to reserve the excursions directly at any of the Tours & Tickets shops in Amsterdam. Please note, since we cannot guarantee availability, we advise booking online in advance to secure your preferred date.

For the full FAQ for Keukenhof 2020 click here.


No, this is not possible. 

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