The Holland Pass as an Amsterdam Card

Are you primarily staying in Amsterdam whilst visiting the Netherlands? Make sure you buy Holland Pass and use it as an Amsterdam card (you don't have to change your Holland pass into an Amsterdam card, it just is). Visit many of the attractions in Amsterdam for free or with a discount using the Amsterdam Card and discover Amsterdam while saving a lot of money. And transportation is also covered. Tip: use the golden ticket from the Amsterdam Card to get around Amsterdam on a Hop on Hop off bus or boat. They will stop right in front of all the big attractions in the city. So you won’t have to worry about public transport.

Attractions worth visiting

There is so much to discover in Amsterdam. Over 50 museums are scattered throughout the city. The most famous of course being the Rijksmuseum. The largest museum in the Netherlands houses 800 years of Dutch art and history. But also the Van Gogh Museum is worth a visit. This museum contains the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world. But with the Amsterdam card, you can discover even more. Go to Madame Tussauds for example and wander among world-famous stars, such as Adele and Beyoncé. For the beer lovers, the Heineken Experience is highly recommended. It is one of Amsterdam’s most authentic and famous attractions. Go on a tour of the old brewery and learn all there is to know about Heineken beer. If you want to have a real Amsterdam experience, step aboard one of the boats, go on a canal cruise and discover Amsterdam from the water. You can find all attractions the Amsterdam Card offers in the city right here!

Large benefits

With the Amsterdam Card, you’ll get silver and golden credits which you can use to exchange for tickets to visit all the above-mentioned attractions and many more. For only 1 golden credit, for example, you can get a ticket to the Rijksmuseum! And if you’re out of credits, you can use the Amsterdam Card as a discount card and discover Amsterdam on a budget. Of course, you can still use the Holland Pass throughout the Netherlands and not just in Amsterdam. So if you’re planning on making a trip outside the city, you can still benefit greatly from the Holland Pass. When you discover Amsterdam, get an Amsterdam card!